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Praia do Carvoeiro


Praia de Carvoeiro is a Portuguese beach located in the village of Carvoeiro, in the municipality of Lagoa, in the Algarve, Portugal.

Located downtown in the town that once had the same name, Praia de Carvoeiro is known for receiving the wooden boats of local fishermen on its fine sand, which gives this beach the fishing methods that have always been practiced there, as well as attracting, therefore, new waves of tourists.

It is supported by two huge rocks: the one on the left, which points towards the Hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, and the one on the right, which faces Monte Carvoeiro.


Praia de Benagil

Praia de Benagil is a beach located in Benagil, in the coastal area of the municipality of Lagoa, in the Algarve.

It is known for the possibility of enjoying the sun and clear water, eating an ice cream or swimming, always in a family atmosphere.

At the entrance, the pile of boats is such that one can doubt the existence of the beach, but it is hidden behind the sterns and bows. At high tide, the water almost reaches the rocks, catching bathers off guard.

In 2014 the beach sand was increased in its width, providing more space and security to its users.

Slide & Splash


Open until the 29th of October, from tuesday to saturday.
The park offers many aquatic entertainments for all tastes and ages, as well as lawns or sun loungers, areas with animal shows, massage and fish spa, several restaurants and a shop.
Slide & Splash guarantees the visitor the best possible fun, always with the maximum conditions of safety, hygiene and comfort, in accordance with the preventive measures to the pandemic situation.


Zoomarine is a theme water park located in the south of Portugal, in the parish of Guia, Albufeira. It was elected by the TripAdvisor travel portal, in 2013 and 2014, the seventh best in Europe in its category.
It receives an average of 500,000 visitors per year, according to data from the institution itself, reaching in August 2014 a record number of visits in one day, with more than 8,300 people.
In 2003, Zoomarine was the stage for most of the filming of TVI's soap opera Saber Amar, as the workplace of marine biologist Diana, a character played by Leonor Seixas.
In the soap opera, the name of the park appeared as Zoomarinho, and the dolphins and various elements of the park regularly participated in the filming.

It is considered the best family theme park in the Algarve region with several tourist attractions, such as dolphins, seals and sea lions, tropical birds and birds of prey.
It also has leisure activities, entertainment and environmental education in an area of more than 18 hectares.

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